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Who We Are

Vision, Mission and Bylaws

Our Vision

We believe that Portugal can become a national and international reference in the prevention and fight against corruption and related crimes.​

Portugal: a national and international benchmark in the prevention and fight against corruption, as, for example, in the fight against tax fraud within the tax system and in the policies for consulting, treating and rehabilitating drug addicts.

Our Mission

To promote the development of a culture of integrity and the creation of a national integrity system in Portugal, based on the following action pillars:


Democratize the participation and discussion of the topic corruption, sensitizing society to the urgency of an individual attitude of responsibility, attention, monitorization and mobilization. ​ A collective agency spirit.​


To promote collective action between government, private sector and civil society in order to strengthen coordinated mobilization around demands and solutions to the problem of corruption.​ ​


Mobilize the scientific community for the design, testing and implementation of new technological solutions applied to the prevention and combat of the Portuguese corruption phenomenon.​ ​


Promote a culture of ethics, transparency and integrity, both in state and private institutions, through multi- and inter-party dialogues capable of developing the necessary understandings and commitments to unlock the main institutional factors that explain the Portuguese lag. ​ ​


Implement programs specifically designed for key agents (influencers), groups and communities engaged in the process of raising awareness and changing behaviors that promote the dissemination and deepening of a n integrity culture in Portugal.​ ​

Our Bylaws

Consult our Statutes (approved in the General Assembly of March 7, 2023) to better understand the values, mission, objectives and programs of All4Integrity, join as an associate, and make the Association yours too.

Internal Regulations

Procedures for Receipts and Payments