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Tágides Award 2023

Winning names

See the list of winners for the Tágides Prize 2023 here

Corporate Initiative

Whistleblower Software ApS

Youth Initiative

Filipe Teles

Political Initiative

Miguel Poiares Maduro

Local Initiative

Carla Castelo

Portugal in the World Initiative

João Crisóstomo

Investigation Project

António Maia

Civil Society Project

Arlindo Consolado Marques

After the period of nominations and applications, the validation of the nominated names and the announcement of the people chosen by the Portuguese, and the selection of the finalists, the Associação All4Integrity announces category winners Business Initiative, Youth Initiative, Local Initiative, Portugal in the World Initiative, Political Initiative, Civil Society Project and Research Project.

These winners were determined by a panel of judges who, according to the regulations, evaluated the merit of the works presented to determine the winners.

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