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How you can help

10 ways to help

Small steps for you, big steps for promoting a culture of Integrity:

number 1

Social networks

Follow our social networks on Facebook, Instagram, Clubhouse, Youtube, Linkedin and Twitter

number 2


Share our networks on your bulletin boards and send them by private message to anyone you think would value the promotion of a culture of integrity in Portugal.

number 3


React to our posts, comment on them and/or share them on your walls as often as you can.

number 4

New Members

Suggest new members by sharing this link with everyone who values the promotion of a culture of integrity in Portugal.

number 5


It suggests new members for RedEmbaixadores by sharing information with Portuguese abroad who identify with All4Integrity's values and mission.

number 6

Schools Program

Together with your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, help recruit schools and colleges for our Schools AntiCorruption Program.

number 7

Tágides Award

Disseminate the information of the Tágides Award to as many people as possible so that they can participate in the nominations.

number 8


Volunteer to collaborate and/or help recruit for All4Integrity's key areas. Our social networks include posts about the recruitments.

number 9


Collaborate in All4Integrity's funding campaign by contacting us about the list of organizations you can present to the Association.

number 10


It presents us with ideas and keeps a regular communication channel open with any member of the board.