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Technology that enables a culture of integrity

Tech4Integrity Technology Solutions

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain and Data Visualization to promote transparency, public scrutiny and fighting against corruption practices.

Information and intelligence aggregator hub on Integrity, Transparency and Anti-corruption, with multiple areas and perspectives, through advanced and interactive analyses.

Knowledge Base on Integrity, Transparency and Anti-Corruption, with information from relevant official national and international sources.

Why the Tech4Integrity Programme?

How to mobilize society around the potential of digital technologies to promote a culture of integrity? What data and technology solutions can help citizens and organizations become more transparent? Which technological tools can we create to improve investigation and public scrutiny activities?

Incubator and Accelerator

TECH4INTEGRITY is a platform for incubating and accelerating initiatives that promote a culture of integrity, transparency and justice.

Artificial Intelligence, Open Data & Dataviz

TECH4INTEGRITY is based on advanced technological solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics, Open Data and Data Vizualization, among others.

Networks and Communities

TECH4INTEGRITY promotes the mobilization of a network of specialized partners from academia, companies and startups, public institutions, associations, think tanks and volunteers.

Our goals

Creation of Integrity Intelligence: an integrated information solution for public scrutiny, using analytics and artificial intelligence technologies.
Mobilization of technology, academic and business communities for the development of innovative initiatives and projects focused on integrity, transparency and justice.
Promotion of digital literacy of people and organizations for the development of a culture of integrity, transparency and justice.
Development of research studies and tools, in partnership with the national and international scientific and technological system.

Call Tech4Integrity

Call Tech4Integrity invites all citizens to identify actions, projects or ideas that use technology as a catalyst for change, for a more integrated, more transparent and fairer society, fundamental requirements for the development that we all aspire to.

Join us on this journey, sharing ideas and suggestions that you consider relevant in this context.