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Tágides Award 2021

The first edition of the Tágides Award was a success, having recognised the highest personalities who have played an important role in the fight against corruption.

The 1st edition

On December 15th, 2021, in the auditorium of the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon, people who inspire us in the fight against corruption were recognised, celebrated and awarded for the first time. In this first edition of the Tágides Award, the winners were Maria José Morgado, Joana Marques Vidal and Rui Nabeiro, with Rui Pinto also receiving an honourable mention.

This award aims to disseminate reflection on this theme among all Portuguese men and women, stimulate collaboration on experiences and solutions to prevent and combat corruption, and promote integrity and transparency in all sectors of society.


Rui Nabeiro

Iniciativa Empresarial

Maria José Morgado

Iniciativa Política + Projeto de Investigação

Joana Marques Vidal

Projeto da Sociedade Civil

Honourable Mention

Rui Pinto

Iniciativa Jovem


The Jury for this edition was composed of 35 members, equally distributed among the 5 categories of the award. It was a group of national specialists from the most diverse areas of prevention and fight against corruption. Their task was to elect the winner of each category from the Top 100 previously nominated.

Investigation Project

Sandra Felgueiras

Diogo Agostinho

Helena Gouveia

Luís Miguel Loureiro

Luís Rosa

Patrícia Silva

Marco Lisi

Civil Society Project

Conceição Zagalo

Bárbara Rosa

Carlos Oliveira

Cecília Meireles

Diana Soller

Filipe Teles

Nuno Garoupa

Political Initiative

José Ribeiro e Castro

Ana Gomes

André Silva

Miguel Poiares Maduro

Rita Nabeiro

Corporate Initiative

Paula Roque

José António Salcedo

Mário Parra da Silva

Paulo Simões

Sofia Santos

Teresa Venda

Teresa Cardoso de Menezes

Youth Initiative

Sérgio Ribeiro

Carolina Almeida Cruz

Catarina Furtado

Fernanda Freitas

Frederico Fezas Vital

Isabel Ferin Cunha

Award Ceremony

The site of the 1st edition

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