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Tágides Award 2022

2022 Edition

People that inspire us in the fight against corruption

The 2022 Edition aims to continue the mission started by the First Edition with a renewed will to call on civil society to get play a role in the fight against corruption in Portugal.

Created in 2021, the Tágides Award is promoted annually to identify, recognize, celebrate and distinguish projects, works and/or initiatives of persons who stand out in the promotion of a culture of integrity, and in the prevention and fight against corruption in Portugal, in various sectors of the society. It is from the recognised need to involve the Portuguese civil society in the prevention and fight against corruption that this Award arises.

The Tágides Award is, for the second consecutive year, under the High Patronage of the President of the Portuguese Republic.


The finalists

Meet here the finalists for the Tágides Award


1st Stage

The choice starts with you!

Name the people who inspire you in the fight against corruption
2nd Stage

Who was nominated by the Portuguese?

Check the list of nominees for the Award.
3rd Stage

Who are the finalists for the award?

NOVEMBER 9th, 2022
Check the list of finalists for the Prize, chosen by the Jury. Keep an eye on the social networks and on the website
4th Stage

Unveiling of the Anti-Corruption Champions

DECEMBER 16th, 2022
Tágides AwardWatch live to the announcement of the winners


The Jury for this edition is composed of 35 members, equally distributed amongst the 5 award categories. The Jury of the Local Initiative category will be made up of the Presidents of the other categories.
It is a group of specialists and renowned national figures, from the most diverse sectors of the society, who have distinguished themselves in the prevention and fight against corruption.

Ana Carla Almeida

Presidente do Júri

Joana Marques Vidal

Presidente do Júri

José Vera Jardim

Presidente do Júri

Mário Parra da Silva

Presidente do Júri

Vicente Valentim

Presidente do Júri


Consult here the regulation of the Tágides Award

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