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Free Portugal from Corruption

Media coverage, talent, merit, as well as the commitment and social capital of all involved quickly turned this organization into an incubator of initiatives and programs to prevent and fight corruption. Our mission is to promote the development of a culture of integrity in Portugal.
Mobilization and Solutions against Corruption.

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Many have already joined us to help free Portugal from corruption.


Our Schools Network started with 17 schools from Portugal mainland, Madeira Island and Macao (1350 students) in the academic year 2021/2022.

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of Portugal’s public debt.

This is the estimated cost for corruption for the Portuguese people.

Tágides Award

Meet here the finalists for the Tágides Award


Learn more about the four programmatic areas All4Integrity created to mobilize society and build new anticorruption solutions.

People who inspire us in the fight against corruption

RedEscolas. Schools that inspire us a Culture of Integrity

Technology that enables a culture of integrity

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and inclusive Portugal.

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These are our 360º Partners

These are our 360º Partners

“The participation of civil society is essential and decisive” in the fight against corruption. Corruption is “a factor that impoverishes the country, capable of creating conflicts of interest and weakening a culture of meritocracy”.

Maria José Morgado


“Congratulations for all the work you are doing in addition to these awards, namely all the work that is being carried out in schools, which I think is extraordinarily important.”

Joana Marques Vidal

Ex-procuradora-geral da República

He is someone who has always transmitted very clear values such as respect, solidarity and work, and that it is always through work that we achieve what we dream of.

Rui Miguel Nabeiro

CEO, Delta Cafés

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