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Absences of Members of Parliament - 2015 to 2021

Analysis of the absences of deputies to plenary sessions of the Portuguese Parliament in the XIII and XIV legislative periods.

After the news ofthe sharing of passwordsamong Deputies in 2018 during the 13th legislature, the 14th legislature showed the same trend in the number of absences of members, with more than 3,000 absences, although the period corresponds to less than half of the previous legislature, and in the context of a pandemic. The XIII legislature had 412 plenary sessions, in which members missed 6,246 times, corresponding to a percentage of 7.06%, and the last legislature, with only 197 plenary sessions, had 3,018 absences, or 7.14%.

Although they are two legislatures with the same government, the pandic context has made a difference, with consequences at various levels, both in society and in the economy. Although it was expected that the pandemic would also affect the attendance of Members, Members were called to discuss issues of national emergency frequently. However, the assiduity analysis does not show alterations.

Data sources: Parliament Open Data Portal Portuguese


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