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Tágides Award 2022

The jury members

For the 2022 Edition, we bring in personalities already recognised by the Award in 2021, together with new names, equally prestigious and capable of contributing to the pursuit of the Award’s mission.

The Jury for this edition is composed of 35 members, equally distributed amongst the 5 award categories. The Jury of the Local Initiative category will be made up of the Presidents of the other categories.
It is a group of specialists and renowned national figures, from the most diverse sectors of the society, who have distinguished themselves in the prevention and fight against corruption.

Private Sector Initiative

Mário Parra da Silva

Presidente do Júri

Ana Teresa Lehmann

António Silvestre

Carlos Coelho

Isabel Horta Correia

Maria Leonor Sopas

Rodrigo Moita de Deus

Youth Initiative

Vicente Valentim

Presidente do Júri

Alexandre Meireles

André Pinção Lucas

Joana Paiva

Sara do Ó

Vanda de Jesus

Political Initiative

José Vera Jardim

Presidente do Júri

Álvaro Santos Pereira

António Costa Pinto

João Ribeiro-Bidaoui

Madalena Resende

Manuela Ferreira Leite

Maria José Morgado

Research Project Project

Ana Carla Almeida

Presidente do Júri

Alexandra Borges

Luís Almeida

Luís Caeiro

Luísa Schmidt

Rita Faria

Rute Serra

Civil Society Project

Joana Marques Vidal

Presidente do Júri

Álvaro Beleza

André Lamas Leite

António Maia

Catarina Custodio

Filipa Pinto Coelho

Isabel Jonet

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